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transformative experience

nlumec® is derived from the conceptualization of emotions into individual algorithmic expressions, in which we map onto thoughtfully designed volumes.

as a company we pride our products on quality, intention and a transformative experience. consider it an anti-form gesture and attack on minimalist aesthetics.

composed of ephemeral materials, there is beauty in the erasure of the process and the consumption of our candles. nlumec®, like non-objective ‘pure’ abstraction, is about nothingness, to enjoy the light you must erase the art.

a tender gesture.

Camila Navas, Founder / CCO

Camila is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, who grew up in San Francisco and completed her undergraduate studies at Hunter College in New York City. Throughout the years, she has developed a comprehensive knowledge of copywriting, brand strategy and art direction. She has worked at such respected institutions as the Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand’s most revered museum and was able to expand on her understanding of abstraction and creation. Following this experience overseas, she worked while finishing her degree in an animation and production studio furthering her exploration in design and concept.


As a young girl, she was struck by the creation of light in art and physical space and its play with the observer. This passion drove her to inspire illumination’s design within interior spaces. Nlumec’s concept originated out of this desire to create ambience and light for one’s experience.

"an experiment of form and space by means of time and discipline"


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