What are the candles made out of?

Fire burns clean - We are committed to giving you a clean burn. Unlike most candles on the market, it was very important to us not to include a carcinogenic wax like paraffin. That's why at nlumec, Our candles are made from a unique 100% Natural, Non-toxic Beeswax blend with unbleached cotton and hemp wicks. Our candles are smoke free/ soot free so you won’t have any of those dangerous chemicals that could be harmful to your health.

Will the candle lose its shape after burning?

Because of beeswax’s unique properties, it produces naturally dripless candles and will not lose their beautiful facade after burning. For best results, burn for 2 hours at first light and do not exceed 4 hours of burn time at once. Lit candles should never be left unattended. Place out of reach around children and pets and away from draft and flammable materials.

Does the candle have a scent?

We have not added any extra fragrance to our candles because the natural beeswax gives off a mellow and sweet aroma.

How big are the candles?

Each candle encompases roughly 4 pounds of pure high quality wax and fits within a 4’’ cubic volume.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to the U.S., Europe and Canada, but are looking to ship worldwide in the near future. If you would like to inquire about where we ship, please reach out to our support email.